Sunday, 6 April 2008

Above Them - Put Your Heart Into This EP

Idlewild described early single ‘Captain’ as "an innocent, frank nugget of noise pop magic". The ‘Put Your Heart Into This’ EP is similarly, five tracks of forthright and unabashed rhythm and melody. This is ragged, unpolished, and displays real togetherness. Pontefract virtually unknowns Above Them relocate the ‘tion’ suffix next to his good old friend, the ‘emo’ – and the two are finally reunited and sit quite comfortably together. ‘You Think You’ve Changed The World’ opens with the candid “come down, believe what you are/no need to hide the things they’ll never know” – it’s precise, accessible and technical all in one.

‘Motion.Inhale.Breathe’ is fired up with interesting rhythmic progressions, triplets here and there, power drumming… all to make it the best example of just how this band bring to mind Foo Fighters circa ‘Times Like These’ let alone Biffy Clyro and Fightstar. Closing track ‘Perfect Like Life’ chugs along determinedly with tight interchange between the members of the band. This is an entirely surprise package - top-notch in its own right.

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