Sunday, 6 April 2008

Youthmovies - Good Nature

Comprising three sub-seven minute epics, an ex-member of Foals in the band’s frontman Andrew Mears and moreover, an amorphous yet carefully planned out variety of styles, ‘Good Nature’ is certainly one of a kind. More charisma and feeling than their peers, Youthmovies not only float between genres on the album as a whole, but even within individual songs – see ‘Soandso & Soandso’ for the best example of this, moving from brass-infused nautical folk to thrashy guitars, then to atmospheric prog and back again.So seamlessly are genres touched upon and moved between that it’s impossible not to appreciate the skill of this Oxford band; wide-ranging though the influences and end-product may be, Youthmovies are both grounded and proficient at everything they turns themselves to. The one moment on the album where it feels a tad strained though, is ‘Cannula’ – it’s the first time where a song feels almost directionless and stuck in a moment. Such a superb standard elsewhere means that a small lapse is entirely forgiveable, and perhaps even welcomingly human.Here’s some more brief synopses: ‘Ssh You’ll Wake It’ is majestic bliss, opener ‘Magdalen Bridge’ a slow-burning marathon of incrementally building textures and ‘Archive It Everywhere’ is the perfect showcase for Mears’ charming and sharp utterings, let alone soaring harmonies and . The relationship between frontman and music is largely one of interdependence, of perfect foils.This album is one to fall in love to, even if Youthmovies have spent hours deliberating over just how and when you will do so. And that’s the reason why ‘Good Nature’ is so challenging, exciting and compelling.

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