Sunday, 6 April 2008

Correcto - Do It Better

Following their superb debut single, 'Joni', this is more than just Franz Ferdinand drummer Paul Thomson's side-project. This is no angular art-rock - 'Do It Better' is an astounding post-punk beast, with fervour and more hooks than a huge pair of curtains - thoroughly engaging stuff. Danny Saunders' lyrics are empathetic without being dumbed down, and this is an unashamedly simple, memorable going over of how to, in fact, do it better. It's just so obviously human. B-side 'The Plan' isn't so amazing, though – too haphazard, a bit clashy and not as instant – though the rawness and the lack of gloss is why this band are so refreshing. Dismissing Correcto as a supergroup (they have former Royal We bassist Patrick on board too) would be Incorrecto - they produce timeless, structured music to make you move.

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