Sunday, 6 April 2008

frYars - The Perfidy EP

Perfidy's four tracks appropriately have themes running throughout them - betrayal, revenge and the blackest of black intellect. frYars, aka 18 year old Ben Garrett, is on fine lyrical form. 'The Novelist's Wife' contains this gem: "Now you can see there's a mess you're in/ no problem's solved without ketamine/and its probably best that you stay in your hole/ for I'd rather stick to my ethanol". That's just a snippet of his way with words, twisting situations beyond conception. Musically, this self-released EP combines wall of sound, loops and fey yet ethereal vocal spook. It's fair to say that frYars' has cut a niche for himself but, for all the praise, only 'Olive Eyes' and 'Benedict Remixed' have the feeling of the finished product. Accessible like Hot Chip, warped like Patrick Wolf and interspersed with watered down blips perhaps catalysed by Luke Smith of the now disbanded and once sublime Clor, the tracks shimmy along nicely. The real focus however, is the lyrics, making this EP a consummate extraction beyond Garrett's years.

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