Sunday, 6 April 2008

Duffy - Mercy

Not as soaring as her debut single, number one single 'Mercy' nonetheless is an apt showcase for Duffy's simple, smoky tones. Duffy has been adorned with the most superlative hype and though it's a mite single-minded to continue to bring to mind a comparison with her own song, this offering is directionless and flat in comparison to the ascendance of 'Rockferry' - mostly because the South Wales lass peaked too early. The soulful backing vocals and the bluesy, less-than-exultant organ chords are there in droves; the vocals aren't so much retro but instead completely out of their time. The production is suitably polished, but without the stripping glaze on Adele's album - Americanised vocals aside, this is a solid and promising song welcomed with opened arms into the airwaves of the populate.

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