Sunday, 6 April 2008

The Lodger - The Good Old Days

The Leeds band’s latest single is a sprightly slice of pop, with super-jangly steel guitar alongside a balanced structure and much-welcomed lyrical simplicity. The elements complement each other to a tee, evoking Orange Juice as much as Duran Duran.It’s a real grower too, by the fourth listen leaving no choice but to constantly grin and twitch your head for three and a bit minutes, waiting for the movements into the funkier bridge, the stripped back coda and just taking in the sound of effortless perfection.The remix by The Slips on the B-side unfortunately loses the fun, but in the process turns the track into cold as ice electro slash, wondrously adding angular synths loops and completely changing the sound of the track from the A-side. Flipping excellent stuff, all in all.

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