Sunday, 6 April 2008

Be Your Own PET - Digital EP

A four track taster for new album 'Get Awkward', the Nashville young 'uns provide more snippets of the ADD punk that's come to be expected from them. The tracks here are catchy, ranging from the abrasively barked out 'Super Soaked' to all too harsh garage that's become tiresome by 'Food Fight'. 'The Kelly Affair' sees BYOP on top form, however, with Jemima Pearl snarling for her life on the subject of parties and high school cliques, and the music itself is agitated, sardonic and tuneful. The band are best when they tone it down a tad, which is the reason why this EP is a bit hit and miss – 'Black Hole' feels all too done before, all too disposable. They've retained their identity, but it feels like there's further for them to go.

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