Sunday, 6 April 2008

I Was A Cub Scout - Pink Squares

First appearing in November 2006, the re-release of electro-emo (elemo?) 'Pink Squares' means that this mediocrity is once more inflicted upon what'll surely be an indifferent public. There's many influences on this song, but for each one, there are others who do it so much better. Like Depeche Mode, Q and Not U, or The Faint. The gormless vocals and general inoffensiveness are never going move people – even with an added dose of parody: "oh oh oh am I in trouble/then darling I apologise/I miss you more than anything/please don’t ever leave my side". Hints at thrashiness and synth soundscapes are promising and if the more obviously dramatic moments are built upon, it would give duo I Was A Cub Scout a stronger chance of standing out amongst the many peers who fuse styles on their sleeves with a hint of passé – and that classification isn’t a stigma – because right now, this is just average.

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