Sunday, 6 April 2008

Ste McCabe - Pink Bomb

There’s ways and ways of doing social commentary. It’s probably best to listen to this as if it were a limerick so as not to hand it on a plate the clearest evidence of a lack of quality control caused by the internet: “He would love his brother if his brother weren’t a spazz/He would love his mother if she weren’t so fucking fat”. Hilarious stuff, isn’t it.See the thing is, the expiry date on this sort of half-arsed ‘punk’ backing was way back in the aftermath of ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’. Who says that you need to back up opinion with such dross? Isn’t it a given that providing air space to the brandings in society is so as to entrench them, and to further deep-seat your own so-called minority idiosyncrasies? Note to Ste McCabe: ‘If you want a more egalitarian humanity, maybe it’d be a wiser idea to stop with the constant labelling. Sensational isn’t it that you’re gay? Wow.’ Get over yourself.So: this is not a statement. It’s not funny. It’s a series of irksome clichés It’s Green Day and Blink 182 for the even more socially inept. Anything else? Oh yeah, and it’s cringeworthy rather than snarling. McCabe plays the victim, telling us all something we already know in a gratingly insatiable way. Avoid at all costs.

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