Sunday, 6 April 2008

Frank Turner - Photosynthesis

'Photosynthesis' is a confident, folky taster for the former Million Dead frontman's second album, 'Love Ire & Song'. A universe away from the post-hardcore of his old band and a fair few planets away from his earlier solo stuff's meandering MOR, this track calls to mind the good old acoustic troubadour - just like most of the current sheep-like Billy Bragg namedroppers. The lyrics are a tad unambitious and repetitive mostly, and let the plod (and the plot) of the track down somewhat, but there's a certain looseness which holds your attention and leaves you wanting to hear more of the Irish jig that's lurking and trying to creep out. An affable stab at better-than-Peñate-at-social-commentary-core, that much is for sure.

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