Sunday, 6 April 2008

Land Of Talk - Speak To Me Bones

Hot new band alert - this is a stand up and get noticed introduction to the Montreal trio for those who've not been converted/exposed yet. Lizzie Powell's vocals are like a more riot grrl Liela Moss fronting Dinosaur Jr, and that's not crazy derision. It's part-raucous, part-deadpan and then there's the pulsating drums and the feedbacky, punctuating guitars. 'Speak To Me Bones' is immediate, harmonically complex, all-out thrash in parts; it's like Land Of Talk have cut the filler out of PJ Harvey's best and condensed it further into three minutes of channelled anthemic splendour. This track is pleadingly heavy, stylised in its more rhythmic moments, nagging – hell, even foreboding – and is one of the best offerings that 2008 has provided us with thus far.

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