Sunday, 6 April 2008

Those Dancing Days - Hitten

‘Hitten’ is Swedish for ‘the hit’ and with this modish Northern soul influenced ditty, these Scandinavian popsters bring back the days when Manda Rin was the coolest thing alive, pop music was Shampoo, Smash Hits was alive, and all the kids were dancing to the sounds of The Velvelettes – if you can get past the fact that this day has only just been birthed. Calling something twee can be as much of a burden as a blessing, but Those Dancing Days fortunately verge on the favourable side. Though this isn’t as instant as their self-titled debut offering, it’s a real grower. B-side ‘Tasty Boy’ is endearingly teenage, though singer Linnea’s oddly increasing American twang is ever-present.

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