Sunday, 6 April 2008

Turncoat - Wasted On You

It opens all Editors, with pounding guitars, yearning vocals, quaver drums, and all the frills - then in parts it gets quite heavy, at other times sounding decisively obtuse. Turncoat are new and exciting; they've got enough feedback to give them an edge, they've got chromatics and blues maybe without even realising it. 'Wasted On You' is a solid effort - like Brakes without the sense of humour. Halfway through, there's a brief ponder that perhaps sounds a little too calculated as it goes through its moods, but that's only a default reaction, or a denial. This track contains so much content without sounding unstructured or awkward. Ending with a lovely slow-down, it's clear that a cynical ear isn't welcome – and the b-side 'There Must Be Something' is as impressive, adding some understated synth. Turncoat need to make the leap into the public's consciousness, because this is marvellous.

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