Sunday, 6 April 2008

The Indelicates - America

Woo, here’s more pensive and tuneful detractions from the darling Indelicates. ‘America’ is a snapshot of their debut album, ‘American Demo’, and causes you to wonder why this ever intelligent band are so obscure.Julia and Simon’s lyrics are so switched on, and for some excellent reason, the by-product is that they hide behind completely essential, all-out pop. ‘America’ is about dichotomies, hypocrisy, and deep-seated spinelessness, and uses the image of “smoking fair-trade coke in parks” to show it all up. This is a snarling, upbeat, rhetorical and opinionated singalong – it’s got it all, it’s sublime.The B-sides are equally marvellous. ‘No Religion’ appears part-Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ pastiche, in its step-back from society and subsequent analysis on the lack of platonic good or evil in our world. ‘The Last Bombed City’ is well executed, sprightly led piano, Julia and occasional fugal harmonies, but yet again, the subject gives it so much more. The Indelicates will make you expect so much more.

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